Cyberstream Fugitive

Remember when games were about lightning reflexes and endless hoards of enemies to shoot at? Xiotex Studios does and it's bringing back this classic kind of fun to games with this latest offering.

Collect the pickups to power your weapons, jumps and shields. Dodge all the obstacles and fight the enemy till none remain in this fast paced arcade game.

Grab hold of all of your guts and determination to battle through the four worlds of Cyberstream Fugitive. Are you sure you have what it takes?

Graphics, Music and code!?!

Marvel at the graphics by Steve Luke of Magic the Gathering fame, the awesome epic cinematic music by Gavin Harrison and the blisteringly fast code by Byron Atkinson-Jones.

Play it now!

Cyberstream Fugitive will be available soon on Mac, PC and iOS.

But why wait? Get hold of the development version on Mac or PC right now and marvel as the game progresses during it's development for only $10!

Not only do you get a great game but you get to sleep well at night knowing you are helping to support the developers making this game - we thank you!

System requirements: Mac or PC with a graphics card capable of shader model 3. Lots of HD space and a kick ass CPU.